How can I support The Infinite Atom?

Thank you for your willingness to support our projects! You can join our mailing list where you'll be informed of upcoming shows, tickets, and merch sales. Keep an eye on our show and tour dates, there is a good chance if you are in BC, you will be able to find us on the road. You can also support us by sharing our content, letting your friends know about us, and donating to our crowdfunding campaigns.

Where can I find tickets for the shows?

You'll be able to find our tickets for sale on this website (and usually at the door) so if you want to assure yourself the opportunity to make it to the show, buy in advance so you don't have to sweat it at the door!

When will I be hearing more from the band?

The Infinite Atom is in the studio now, you can expect a lot of great tracks to be coming soon!

Can I book the band for my show?

Yes! We are currently booking shows to fill our year and your ears! To get in contact with the band for bookings, please email us at TheInfiniteAtom@gmail.com